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Usage Agent

The Usage Agent toolset is designed to help manage your ISP data usage without having to log into your ISP usage page. It can optionally monitor your network card throughput and produce reports on usage.
It's released under the GNU General Public License. Take a look and see if it suits your needs.

Usage Agent now works for the following ISP's:

Optus, Telstra/Bigpond, aaNet, Exetel, Exetel Wireless, AAPT, OntheNet, g-node, amnet, dodo, EFtel, Internode, ComCen, Westnet, Spin, BettaMomentum, Adam, Netspace, TPG, Blitz, Soul, Webshield.

Usage Agent v9.0.7.0 FINAL - Released 10/4/09

Usage window with everything on

UA Wallpaper showing web form and ISP Usage

Icon text Statistics


Tray Icon with ISP Usage as % and background colour

Tray Icon with ISP Usage and no background colour

Tray Icon with ISP Usage, no background colour and NIC Graph

Tray Icon with default icon and background colour Logo